Hello, I'm Clinton Joy
I' m a

About Me

I am a front-end developer, I love to build interactive, responsive and user-friendly websites. I am passionate about transforming designs to code. I am also a Technical writer, i love to read, i love learn and i love to code. i am currrently learning react native and i hope to add it to my stack soon

My current tech stack

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SASS
  • GIMP

My Projects

CJ News

CJ News is a cutting-edge application that delivers the latest news updates right at your fingertips. With its powerful search functionality, you can easily stay informed on topics that matter most to you. Built on the robust New York Times API, this app serves as an excellent platform to hone my React and Framer Motion skills while integrating APIs seamlessly.

Dojo App

The Dojo app is a project management app developed using React and Firebase. It facilitates the creation and assignment of projects to team members, showcasing a variety of features that demonstrate the functionality of Firebase authentication, storage, and Firestore database.

Url Shortener

This is a Frontend Mentor Challenge focused on utilizing an API for link shortening and leveraging local storage to maintain a history of all previously shortened links.

Memory Game

How good is uou memory? Play to find out. I developed this game during my React course and it was a fun project.

Bankist Application

Bankist application shows the advance use of JavaScript. it uses the intersetion observer API to reveal sections on intersection, it plays a role in the lazy loading of images, smooth scrolling to different sections of the page this is a project of the course JavaScript by Jonas.

Project Alpha

Project alpha is a platform that helps you sell buy, discorver and trade you best NFt collection. it brings in a variety of crypto based projects than helps you explore the crypto space and its limitless capcity

Advice Application

This application generate a new piece of advice by clicking the dice icon i built it with Semantic HTML5 markup,CSS custom properties, Flexbox and Javascript using an API. It is fully responsive on all screen sizes

Calculator Application

A simple calculator application that carry out simple arithmetical operation, with the Lumus button you can change to a light theme and a Nox botton is revealed which can be used to toogle back to the Dark theme. This application was crated using HTML5 CSS3 and vanila JavaScript

Hotel BT

Hotel BT is a project that show the Frontend fo a simple hotel website, it has three pages, the home page, the about page and the contact page. Hotel Bt is a project from a tutorial course by Traversy Media

My Articles

Building A Custom Fetch Hook In React

Custom hooks allow you to package and reuse functionality across your application. This makes it easy to maintain and understand your code. In this article, we’ll look at the power of React custom hooks and show how to create a custom hook (Fetch) that lets you get data from a server.

Mastering CSS Arrangement: Techniques and Hints

Are you struggling to create visually stunning and flexible designs for your web pages? Look no further! In this article, I delve into the essential techniques and sophisticated strategies for mastering CSS layouts.

JavaScript Just-In-Time Compilation

Just in time compilation (JIT) is a hybrid of compilation and interpretation that converts all of the source code into machine code before immediately executing it. Because of this, we can compile ahead of time, but there isn't a portable file to run, therefore execution occurs right away.

JavaScript Execution Context

The JavaScript execution context is the environment in which JavaScript code may be run. The execution context tells which part of the code can use the code's functions, variables, and objects.

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